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  • Methyl MQ silicone resin IOTA1200

    Methyl MQ silicone resin IOTA1200

    MQ silicone resin
     is a kind of very unique siloxane, it is composed of four functional siloxane polycondensation chain (Q) and single functional siloxane chain (M). The molar mass is 1000-8000, and the structure of M chain and Q chain in the molecular structure of determine the nature and application of silicone resin.


    Technical indicators:

    Item: IOTA-1200

    Appearance: transparent or light yellow liquid

    M: Q ratio: 1-1.2 (depend onapplication requirement)

    Viscosity: 20,000 -10 10,000 (use requirements)

    Volatile: <0.3%



    1. Reinforcing material: high transparent silicone gel and liquid silicone rubber, heat curing silicone rubber compounds, semiconductor components potting shell-reinforcing material, reinforced after the colorless, transparent silicone rubber, high mechanical strength.

    2. Thickener: suitable as an inorganic material and organic material - bonded complex thickener

    3. Additives: such as the preparation of release agent, defoamers, release agents and brightener, add molding releasing agent peel force adjustment, etc., it can also be used marble, tile wear and polished.

    4. Surface treatment agent: Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, the phone keypad, epoxy-based adhesive bonding surface.

    5. Mixed with dimethyl silicone oil, release agent can be formulated with a release lasting results, the release agent is suitable for polyurethane foam (including rigid, semi-rigid, soft foam), and on the surface of the molded foam article no adverse effect curing, the mold contamination.

    6, Mixed with volatile silicone oil or low viscosity silicone oil, can be used to improve lotions, sunscreen and hydrophobic softeners, also it is used as a non-oily and non-sticky skin care formulation auxiliaries.



    Storage in a cool, dry, avoid light, ventilation location, room temperature, packed in a sealed container,

    Non dangerous goods transportation

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