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  • Vinyl tris(2-methoxyethoxy) silane IOTA-172

    Vinyl tris(2-methoxyethoxy) silane IOTA-172

    Chemical Name: Vinyl tris(2-methoxyethoxy) silane

    Molecular Formula: CH2=CHSi(OC2H4OCH3)3

    Molecular Structure:

    CAS NO.:1067-53-4

    Typical Physical Properties:

    Physical Form

    Clear liquid

    Colour, Pt-Co

    Max 25

    Specific Gravity at 20°C


    Refractive Index, nD 25°C


    Purity, %

    Min 98.0



    1. Used as inorganic filler crosslinking agent and surface treating agent. To improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength of inorganic filler filled EPDM, cross-linked polyethylene and its polymer and resin, it will perform well especially in the wet state. It could be used as surface treating agent of clay and siliceous inorganic filler surface treatment agent, add with the blending method.

    2. Composite Additive To improve the mechanical strength of composite materials in dry and wet state, like crosslinking and inorganic filler or reinforced polyester, etc.

    3. Fiberglass reinforcing agent Used in glass-fiber, it could improve binding power of resin, like monofilament and polyester, improve the performance of composite materials in wet state.

    Validity period and storage:

    Stored in cool and dry place, avoiding water, tinder, heat source and light, the validity period will be 6 months on such condition.


    Packed with 5KG/25KG/200KG/1000KG plastic drum, could be customized as customers’ demands.

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