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  • Universal defoamer agent IOTA C585

    Universal defoamer agent IOTA C585


    IOTA C585 is a new generation of high-performance silicone-based organic silicon compound, for the prevention, control and elimination of aqueous foam within the system.


    1. Easily dispersed in an aqueous medium

    2. Acid and alkali resistance, a wide temperature range

    3. High antifoam efficiency in many applications

    4.High defoaming performance both at room temperature and middle temperature


    IOTA C585 is suitable for industrial areas:

    1. Paper: the process (black liquor and other treatment)

    2. Cleaning: the cleaning process, such as bottle cleaning

    3. Chemical: distillation, extraction, filtration

    4. Oil: extraction, processing butadiene, desulfurization

    5. Water: neutralization, biological treatment, drainage

    6. Textile: Textile auxiliaries, soaping process

    Performance parameters:

    1. Appearance: Milky liquid evenly

    2. Color: White

    3. Odor: Slight

    4. The solids content, about (%): 38-42

    5. The silicon content of approximately (%): 36-40

    6. Specific gravity(25 ): about 1.0

    7. PH: about 7

    8. Viscosity (25 , cps): 800-3500

    9. Emulsion Type: Non-ionic

    10. Thinner: Water


    IOTA C585 must be pre-diluted before use, dilute the order will be slowly added to the demineralized or deionized water defoamers, moderate agitation, can not apply a strong shear, and diluted order irreversible reaction, diluted liquid should run out within 24 hours.


    IOTA C585 packed with 25 kg, 200kg plastic bucket, 1ton IBC packaging.

    Storage and Shelf Life:

    When stored in its original unopened packaging at a temperature of between +2°C and +35°C, IOTA C585 may be used for up to 12 months from its date of manufacture (expiry date).

    After this date, IOTA SILICONE OIL no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications

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