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  • Super soft smooth hydrophilic block silicone oil for cotton IOTA N30

    Super soft smooth hydrophilic block silicone oil for cotton IOTA N30


    IOTA N30 is super stable and smooth block silicone oil emulsion, mainly used in cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric for soft finishing, it has good hydrophilic, soft hand feeling, low yellowing, shear, adhesion.

    Physical property index:

    Appearance: light yellow or yellow transparent liquid

    Solid content: about 30%

    Ion: weak cation

    Dilution agent: water

    Features and advantages:

    Excellent hydrophilicity

    Excellent smooth feeling

    Low yellowing, almost no influence on shade

    Good compatibility

    Resistance to shear, acid resistance, alkali resistance, electrolyte, super stable, not sticky roller,


    According to the customer request to adjust the IOTA N30 concentration and usage, the following process is calculated by 5% solid content.

    Impregnation process:

    Dosage: 1-3% (OWF) IOTA N30 emulsion

    Temperature: room temperature

    Time: 10-20min, dehydration, drying.

    PPadding process:

    Dosage: 10-30g/L,

    Note: above process is only for reference, the specific formula and process according to the sample results.


    IOTA N30 120kg drum

    Storage and shelf life:

    Stored in original unopened containers at 2oC~ 30oC, the standard IOTA IOTA N30 valid is 6 months from the date of manufacture. Refer to the storage recommendations and expiry date on the package.

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