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  • Alcohol hydroxy single-ended long-chain alkyl silicone oil IOTA 8861

    Alcohol hydroxy single-ended long-chain alkyl silicone oil IOTA 8861

    Average molecular weight 1300, hydroxyl value 40.5 (KOHmg/g) has high reactivity with -NCO, -COOH

    product description:

    It is a silicone functional oligomer with hydroxyl functional group. It is mainly used for resin synthesis and amino baking varnish. It can also provide excellent anti-graffiti and oil-resistant pen function and super smooth feel under the premise of maintaining good compatibility. To prevent adhesion and stain resistance.

    Typical physical properties:

    Parameter                                            value

    Appearance:                 Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid

    Hydroxyl value% :                             0.50±0.10

    Solid content% :                                 ≧98.00

    Viscosity 25 ° C cst :                           200-800

    Refractive index 25 ° C :               1.4300 ± 0.0050

    Product Features:

    Excellent anti-graffiti performance

    Greatly improve the resin or coating feel

    Excellent anti-blocking performance

    Good compatibility

    Low surface tension for smoothing and flow


    Amino baking varnish and two-component PU coating

    Synthetic silicone modified polyurethane resin and emulsion

    Addition molding silicone rubber products and inks


    Polyurethane resin and emulsion synthesis: added in the latter stage of resin synthesis, will act as a blocking agent

    Amino baking varnish: Adding 0.5-2.0%, evenly dispersed in the resin.

    Packaging, storage and transportation:

    1. Packed in 25 kg plastic drum or 200 kg iron drum.

    2. Put into a clean and dry container and store in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

    3. This product is transported as non-dangerous goods.

    4. Shelf life: 1 year

    5. Brand: IOTA


    Contactor: Nathan Zhang

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