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  • Anti-graffiti silicone resin IOTA-TC1

    Anti-graffiti silicone resin IOTA-TC1

    Product Properties

    The product diluted with alcohol solvent, like Ethanol, isopropanol, butanol. It’s eco-friendly, can be cured in room temperature, the hardness of cured coating is up to 3H (Zhonghua Pencil hardness). The product is waterproof, moisture-proof, arc resistance, good weather resistant, high-low temperature resistant, with good electrical insulation performance.


    Used as building decoration paint (Curtain wall paint).

    Used as electronic component protection in high temperature and moisture after cured rapidly in room temperature.

    Used as moisture-proof and mildew-proof coating.

    Used as high temperature painting.

    Physical index

    Appearance: semi-transparent liquid, slightly milky

    Solid content: 40%

    Viscosity: 10~18cst

    How to use?

    1. Heating with high temperature: 15~25mins/100℃

    2. Cured in room temperature: in 24 hours

    Shelf life:

    6 months, can be continued to use if it’s tested good after 6 months.

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