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  • Polyester fluffy agent IOTA 17540

    Physical Characteristics:

    Appearance: transparent liquid

    Viscosity (25 ℃, mPa. s): 800

    Ion type: very weak cation

    PH value:  6.8-7.0

    Active ingredient: Block polyether silicone oil polymer



    CH3                                                                      CH3

    |                                                 |

    -[-O-Si-]m[-CH2 CH2O-]n[--CH2CH2 CH2O-]x[--NH--]y---[-O-Si-]m[-CH2 CH2O-]n[--CH2CH2 CH2O-]x[--NH--]y--

    |                                                 |

    CH3                                                                        CH3  


    Product Performance:

    1. Mainly used for polyester and chemical fiber

    2. Especially suitable for fluffy, shiny polyester fiber

    3. The most important feature is used to enhance the bright and smooth of polyester fiber, blankets, plush, polyester fabrics. Moreover the blankets, plush rough surface are very tidy, fluffy blankets, good elasticity.

    4. Equivalent to SRS-70


    How to Use?

    This product is a concentrated Block silicone polymer mixture, when used, it is better to mix with polyester smoothing agent. This product is a self-emulsifying system will not stick rollers, not floating oil, can maintain long-lasting sense of smooth, fullness of feeling.


    Storage and Transportation:

    1. This product is non-dangerous goods storage and transportation,

    2. 120kg plastic drum

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