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  • Methyl phenyldimethoxysilane MPDMS

    Methyl phenyldimethoxysilane (MPDMS)

    Product name: methyl phenyldimethoxysilane(MPDMS), dimethoxymethylphenylsilane

    CAS No.: 3027-21-2
    Product Article: IOTA-MPDMS

    Molecular formula: C9H14O2Si

    Molecular weight: 182.29

    Structural formula:

    Quality index:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Assay: ≥ 98%

    Density (25 ℃): 0.99g/cm3

    Boiling point: 199 ℃/750 mmHg

    Refractive index: 1.478-1.481


    Used for the processing of mixing silicone rubber as structure control agent;

    For the synthesis of silicone polymers , but also used for the preparation of specific silicone compound, as surfactants, coupling agents and crosslinking agents.


    Bulk: 200kg /plastic drum or metal pail

    Transportation and storage:

    1.Methyl phenyldimethoxysilane(MPDMS) is a common chemicals, there is a slight irritation to skin and eye, and therefore protective device should be used;

    2.Flammable & Explosive, transportation in vehicles such as train and ship and automobile.

    3.Must be stored under sealed condition, occurs polymerization reaction with the presence of moisture and thermal effects;

    4.General chemicals. Shelf life is one year.

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