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  • IOTA 1647V75 Organo Functional

    IOTA 1647V75 Organo Functional

    Description :

    IOTA LD 1647V75 is a low-viscosity, linear α,ω- hydroxypropyl polysiloxane fluid.

    Examples of applications

    IOTA 1647V75 carbinol silicone may be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of silicone/polyester or silicone/polyurethane copolymers.

    It is used in place of, or in addition to, the "diol" part of these polymers.

    Having an α,ω-hydroxyalkyl functionality, the silicone is permanently co-polymerised into the chains or cross-linked matrices of the polyester or polyurethane.

    This carbinol silicone co-polymer may also be used as an additive in polyester- and polyurethane-based paint to improve properties.

    IOTA 1647V75 imparts the typical properties of silicones to polyesters and polyurethanes:

    1. Non-stick properties

    2. Abrasion resistance

    3. Scratch resistance

    4. Lubrication

    5. Water repellency

    6. Weatherability

    7. Plasticity

    8. Low temperature flexibility

    9. High temperature stability

    10. Electric insulation


    1. Appearance:  clear liquid

    2. Color : Colorless to yellowish brown or red

    3. Specific gravity (at 25 °C, approx.) : 0.97

    4. Viscosity (at 25 °C, mm2/s, approx.) : 75

    5. OH content (mg KOH/g, approx.) : 47

    6. Refractive index (at 25 °C, approx.) : 1.409

    7. Flash point (closed cup, °C):  > 169


    IOTA 1647V75 is delivered in 200 kg drums and in 1000 kg containers.

    Storage and shelf life :

    When stored in its original packaging at a temperature of between +2°C and +30°C,

    IOTA 1647V75 may be stored for up to 24 months from its date of manufacture.

    Comply with the storage instructions and expiry date marked on the packaging.

    Beyond this date, IOTA SILICONE OIL no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.

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