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  • Triphenylchloromethane

    Product introduction: IOTA 009 Triphenylchloromethane
    Chemical Name: Triphenylchloromethane

    Chemical Name: Triphenylchloromethane

    Alias: Trt-Cl

    CAS: 76-83-5

    EINECS : 200-986-4

    Molecular structure:

    Molecular formula: C19H15Cl

    Molecular weight: 278.78

    Product features:

    Melting point ( °C)   110-113

    Boiling point ( °C)    230-235 (20 MMHG

    Water solubility     reaction

    Product index:

    Appearance:                         White or light yellow crystalline powder

    Purity (%, ):                           99.0

    Melting point ( °C):                     110-113

    Triphenyl methanol (%, ):               0.5

    Loss on drying (50 °C, -0.09Mpa/1h, %, ): 0.5


    1.Used as the intermediate of cephalosporins drugs

    2. It is used as the basic organic material in the fields of pharmaceutical and chemical industry; in the synthesis process of organic chemical and drugs, it can be used as the hydroxy selective protection base of nucleoside, monosaccharide or polysaccharide compounds, and basic chemical reagent in the synthesis of peptide


    Fibre barrel package in vacuum condition, Net wt25kgs. Contact us for special specification.

    Transportation and storage:

    Sealed tightly, kept in cool, dry and dark place, Hazardous chemical.

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