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  • Polyester modified silicone resin IOTA 6072-15

    Polyester modified silicone resin IOTA 6072-15

    Description and application

    This product has excellent high and low temperature resistance, water and moisture resistance and arc corona resistance.

    It also has excellent weatherability and chemical stability. After the product is fully cured, it has high hardness (≥5H), high gloss, and good high temperature resistance to yellowing.

    IOTA 6072-15 can be widely used in high temperature resistant coatings, temperature resistant non-stick coatings for kitchen appliances and base resins for high temperature resistant coatings.

    Technical index

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Solid content: 58±1 % (150°C for 1 hour)

    Viscosity: 300~700 seconds (coating 4 cups, 25℃)

    Acid value: 4~8 mgKOH/g

    Hardness: ≥5H (Chinese pencil hardness)

    Curing method: This product can be self-drying at room temperature with good dryness; this product is cured at high temperature for better hardness.

    The best recommendation is: 220°C for 30 minutes; 250°C for 15 minutes; 280°C for 10 minutes. Adding 10~15%(against to IOTA 6072-15) amino resin to get better performance, but it may cause slight yellowing at high temperature.

    Solvent: butyl ester, PMA, etc. Benzene solvents cannot be used.

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