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  • What are the applications of silicone resin in waterborne resin modification? PART 1

    Silicone modified waterborne alkyd resin. Water-based alkyd resins are cheap and easy to obtain, and have excellent appearance, flexibility and brushability, but poor gloss and color retention and chemical resistance; in addition, the ester bonds of water-based alkyd resins are prone to hydrolysis, resulting in poor water resistance.
    The grafting of silicone resin or embedding in the main chain can improve the physical and chemical properties of alkyd resin. The early modification is mainly to mix the silicone resin and the alkyd resin that has just been reacted and synthesized in the reaction kettle at high temperature. Simple mixing can also significantly improve the outdoor weather resistance, gloss and color retention of alkyd resin.
    At present, more modification methods react silicone oligomers with active hydroxyl groups on alkyd resins to prepare silicone-modified alkyd resins, which greatly improves the weather resistance and water resistance of modified alkyd resins.
    The synthesized water-based alkyd resin is modified by methyltriethoxysilane, and the prepared modified alkyd resin not only maintains the excellent performance of alkyd resin, but also has excellent water resistance, heat resistance and It is safe and non-toxic and meets the needs of environmental protection.

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