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  • Process characteristics of silicone rubber

    Silicone rubber can be processed with ordinary rubber processing equipment, but attention should be paid to: ① Keep the processing clean, and do not mix with other rubber, oil or impurities, otherwise the vulcanization and performance of silicone rubber will be affected; ② Silicone rubber products need to be cured by hot air for a long time in the oven to improve the properties of vulcanizates.   

    1、 Mixing
    The raw silicone rubber is relatively soft and has certain plasticity. It can be directly mixed in an open mill or an internal mixer without being plasticized.    

    2、 Extruded silicone rubber is generally soft, with good extrusion effect and easy operation. It can extrude products of different shapes and sizes. Its processing equipment and tools are basically similar to ordinary rubber. Extruders generally use single threaded screws of 30mm or 65mm in diameter, and the ratio of length to diameter is (10-12): 1.

    3、 Calender: vertical three roll calender is generally used. When used for film production, the middle roll rotates faster than the upper roll, with a speed ratio of (1.1-1.4): 1, and the lower roll rotates at the same speed as the middle roll.

    4、 Gluing refers to evenly distributing silicone rubber paste or scraping method on the fabric to improve the strength and flexural properties of film products, make the fabric moisture resistant, and manufacture high-temperature electrical insulation materials.

    5、 Bonding. Silicone rubber can be bonded with many materials, including metal, plastic, ceramics, fiber, silicone rubber itself and other rubbers. The best adhesion between silicone rubber and the coating can be achieved by using an adhesive that can be vulcanized with silicone rubber itself at the same time.

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