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  • Silicone rubber curing system

    Silicone rubber is a low unsaturated linear polysiloxane elastomer whose main chain is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms alternately, and whose side chain is methyl or vinyl. According to the curing mechanism, it can be divided into three types: free radical cross-linked vulcanized silicone rubber, condensation reactive room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, addition reactive low-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber
    1. Thermal vulcanization silicone rubber curing system. 
    Thermal vulcanized silicone rubber can be vulcanized by organic peroxide, aliphatic azo compound, inorganic compound and high-energy ray. The most commonly used curing system is organic peroxide curing system. Because organic peroxides are generally stable at room temperature, they can rapidly decompose at a higher vulcanization temperature (above 150 ℃) to produce vulcanization. Initiated by organic peroxide, the organic side chain of rubber undergoes vulcanization reaction, forming C-C bond cross-linking. The more side chain groups, such as vinyl, the easier it is to vulcanize and the higher the degree of crosslinking.
    2. Room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber curing system
    The two ends of the molecular main chain of RTV silicone rubber contain active functional groups such as hydroxyl or acetoxy. Under certain conditions, these functional groups undergo condensation reaction to form cross-linked structure. According to the curing mechanism, it can be divided into one component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and two components room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.
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