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  • Why does hand cream contain dimethyl silicone oil?

    Polydimethylsiloxane can be used as silica surfactant. It is a colorless, tasteless, non irritating, non volatile thin to viscous fluid. It has the following good characteristics: ① It has good lubrication performance, and can form a uniform waterproof protective film after coating the skin, without any sticky and greasy feeling; ② Good gloss. Good resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It will not oxidize and deteriorate under ultraviolet light and cause skin irritation. ③ The antistatic property is good. The test shows that the skin static electricity after wiping the polysiloxane skin cream is completely eliminated, and has obvious dust-proof effect. The permeability is good, even if the siloxane film is formed on the skin, the sweat will not be affected. ④ It has a slow release and fragrance fixing effect on essence and fragrance, so it has a long fragrance retention period, high stability, chemical inertia, and no adverse effect on other components of cosmetics, especially active ingredients.

    What is the role of dimethyl silicone oil in hand cream? The main reason is that silicone oil can lubricate the skin, so our hands will become smooth when we apply hand cream. Hand cream is a kind of skin care product that can heal and smooth skin cracks and dryness, and can effectively prevent and treat rough and dry hands in autumn and winter. Frequent use in autumn and winter can make hand skin more tender and moist.

    Briefly introduce silicone oil, which is a chemical substance with many characteristics, such as heat resistance, hydrophobicity, radiation resistance, etc. It is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non irritating. It is used in hand cream because it is equivalent to a "lubricant".

    The hand cream is used to maintain the hand skin. When the skin is dry and cracked, it should be repaired and maintained. The silicone oil component has a smooth effect. After applying the hand cream, you can feel that the skin on your hands is much smoother, like a thin transparent protective layer has been built to protect your hands completely.

    The main function of hand cream is similar to that of skin cream. It is a cosmetic used to keep the skin, especially the outermost cuticle, moist. Its characteristic is that it can not only maintain the balance of skin moisture, but also supplement important oily ingredients, hydrophilic moisturizing ingredients and water, and can be used as the carrier of active ingredients and agents, so that it can be absorbed by the skin, and achieve the purpose of conditioning and nourishing the skin.     

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