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  • Application of dimethyl silicone oil

    With the development of all walks of life in China, the release agent market is expanding. Especially in rubber industry, plastic industry, leather industry, etc. Polydimethylsiloxane is one of the main components of the release agent, which can be used as the release agent for rubber or plastic products (brake plate, screw head, plug, etc.), EVA, PU shoe materials. It can be diluted 10-200 times directly or with low hardness water. The product is efficient and stable.

    Dimethyl silicone oil has good lubricating and anti sticking properties, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, oxidation resistant, non volatile, non corrosive to the mold, and good spray performance. It can also make the surface of demoulding parts have good smoothness. In addition, it has no corrosion to metal, and is insoluble to most rubber and plastic materials. Therefore, it is widely used as a release agent for rubber products, plastic products, metal castings, etc. Silicone oil as release agent mainly includes oil release agent, solution release agent, lotion release agent, silicon paste release agent and aerosol release agent.

    There is also a silicone resin release agent, which is a curable release agent. Compared with silicone oil release agent, it has the following advantages: it can be used dozens to hundreds of times at a time, reducing material costs and labor costs; Improve equipment production capacity; Reduce the rate of waste and defective products; Improve the surface finish of products; The mold cavity is clean with less harmful smoke; Extend the service life of the mold cavity; It has better demoulding effect. For the forming of polyurethane soles with high adhesion and difficult demoulding, solvent based release agents with dimethyl silicone oil and MQ silicone resin as effective components can be used.

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