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  • High temperature resistant paint, silicone oil?

    High temperature resistant paint, as the name suggests, is to paint withstands high temperature oxidation and other corrosive medium, also known as high-temperature paint, high temperature paint, heat resistant paint, divided intoorganic silicon and inorganic silicon high-temperature paint series. High temperature resistant paint coating in general between 280 DEG -3000 DEG,asked to paint in the environment can achieve stable physical properties. High temperature resistant paint is widely used in blast furnace, hot blast furnace wall,chimney, flue, oven, exhaust pipe, high temperature heat pipe, heating furnace,heat exchanger and other non metal and high temperature metal surfacecorrosion protection.

    With the development of economy, industrial technology to improve water product, people, comfortable environment requirements, the traditional lacquer is no longer on the decorative content, it puts forward the new request to thefunction of industrial paint. In 2014 all put forward new requirements for industrialhigh-temperature paint heat resistance, energy saving, usability, also become Zhi Sheng Wei Hua high temperature paint development.

    Industrial or civil to paint the functional requirements are increasingly high, mosttraditional lacquer paint enterprise production can not meet the requirements of consumers. This requires enterprises have important paint to keep pace with changes in the pace of the times, strengthen innovation. China Beijing Sheng ChiZS function of R & D and production of Wei Hua Chemical Co. Ltd. of high-temperature paint, varieties, strong function, high technology content, energy saving and protection is strong, has been at the forefront of the domestic and international high temperature paint enterprises. High temperature resistant paintWen Zhi Sheng Wei Hua has exceeded 3000 C. Zhi Sheng Wei Hua resistanthigh temperature paint coating temperature is 250 DEG C, 400 C, 600 C, 800 C,1000 C, 1200 C, 1600 C, 1800 C, 2000 C, 3000 C and a series of high temperature paint. High temperature paint species, with a very low thermal conductivity of high temperature heat insulation paint, efficient high temperature oxidation resistant paint, resistance to acid and alkali ceramic high-temperatureanti-corrosive paint, shielding current high temperature insulation paint, fireproofinorganic high-temperature glue function paint, industrial furnace energy saving far-infrared paint, high temperature paint these application and widely acclaimedin the market, has also been recognized and support the relevant departments of the state.

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