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  • Basic chemicals: oil prices fall, prices of organic silicon DMC, soda ash and other products rise

    The price increase and decrease of chemical products:

    Important products with the highest price increase this week are dimethyl cyclosiloxane (DMC) + 9%, dicyclopentadiene + 9%, hexamethylene diamine + 8%, acrylamide + 6%, potassium chloride + 5 %, antioxidant 4020 +5%, EPDM rubber +4%, soda ash (heavy soda ash +4%, light soda ash +3%), etc. The most important products with the highest price decline this week are dimethyl carbonate DMC-16%, MMA -13%, styrene -11%, n-butanol -11% and so on.

    The downstream is gradually started, production companies are closed, and the price of silicone DMC has risen.

    Dimethylcyclosiloxane (DMC) rose 9.4% to 29,000 yuan/ton this week. On the demand side, the downstream downstream companies have started construction to form a certain demand; on the supply side, domestic silicone companies are mainly engaged in closing operations this week. According to Baichuan, there are currently 14 companies operating in the country, and the overall domestic operating rate is around 80% (this week The start of construction covers the Shihe subproject in Xinjiang Hesheng). In April, Spark stopped for maintenance. Zhongtian Chemical failed to arrange a restart in the short term, and the market would be further tense at that time, which would be positive.

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