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  • Development trend of organic silicon monomer in China

    A long time no serious study of silicone, but also often hear some of the group's discussion, and who's home in the expansion of silicone monomer project.
    However, silicone has not yet come out of the trough, a number of expansion projects will be the Chinese organic silicon monomer industry to lead?
    As a long-term study of the organic silicon industry is not the basic data of the people, I am very difficult to do a clear analysis, but there are a few perspectives for your reference.
    One, with the expansion of the scale, the higher the cost of the smaller it? Domestic enterprises is now redundant construction scale, rather than as a joint venture of Dow Corning and wacker as stand-alone device capacity has greatly increased, as the formation of the region supporting the production and product digestion and such a scale of cost reduction is limited. At present the enterprise's expansion is nothing more than the resources to fight and strength to fight, however has been relatively immediate home in front of the multinational company, our advantage in this area and how much? In obtaining the location and resources of the Multi-National Corporation will undoubtedly have a more accurate analysis and grasp. Fight resources is nothing more than their own factories to build the local raw materials and energy costs, but this place is often relatively remote, also lack of experienced operators, the device runs on the bad natural environment conditions in the end how only the manufacturers clearly. Another scale is a double-edged sword, especially in the bottom of the industry, the size of the business is a huge cash flow pressure. Without first class technical support expansion, the risk is undoubtedly huge. HTC in single and want to leapfrog development failure, should be a good example.
    The two is to believe that the last survival of the will be their own. We all know that the basic investment is the basic of the rich, the money, the money, I hope that he is able to adhere to the last one. However, the market law also tells us that the change of the market is always based on the withdrawal of excess capacity or the development of the application market, at present, do not see such a trend. Want to beat a boss who may find themselves lose very badly. In this case how to do it? To do is difficult to do, there is no technical support, is not easy to buy, you do not understand it is not confident. So if there is no certain technical accumulation and talent reserves of the enterprise is not the best expansion, but the contraction, but to retreat, but want to understand it is very difficult to do so.
    The three is making the nations can support the development of enterprises. At present, many companies are thinking of digging to improve their technology, but slightly better in the high profit stage, in the current stage is very difficult, silicone is a system of very high production system, need to be a stable team and perseverance. Many companies can not provide a competitive salary, but also how to build a stable team? Not a stable team and how to protect the technology intensive organic silicon monomer production system as well as the implementation of the downstream application development? If in this industry to insisted on the development, has a high-quality R & D team is essential, although in many people it seems that it is burn.
    Three is the industry of the future will be out of the opportunity? One is the continued downturn in prices, leading to the capital of despair, to give up; two is a better investment opportunities, to find a proper level to their own; three is in the case of increasing safety and environmental pressures, the security environment has forced companies to give up.
    In addition to doing their own work, appropriate attention to the development of the industry, more clearly understand their own business, where their own industry, is very meaningful. Throw a brick, I hope you can exchange more.

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