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  • vinyl ketone group, the crosslinking agent IOTA-91
    vinyl ketone group, the crosslinking agent IOTA-91

    Chemical name: vinyl ketone group, the crosslinking agent

    CAS NO: 2224-33-1/34206-40-1

    Molecular formula: C14H27N3O3Si/C16H32N4O4Si

    Physical and chemical properties
    This product is colorless and transparent. It is easy to be hydrolyzed in water.

    Boiling point: 300 /760mmHg

    Specific gravity(25): 0.99g/ml

    TOS content: 27-35%

    The refractive index (25 C): 1.4685 + 0.02

    Flash point: more than100 DEG


    1. IOTA-91 can be used as one component curing agent neutral silicone sealant formulations. In general, the combination of MOS or VOS is used to achieve a higher reactivity, shorten the time of film formation and achieve higher crosslinking density.

    2. It can improve the crack resistance.

    3. Curing speed is fast

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