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  • IOTA BP9500 Building protective waterproofing agent

    IOTA BP9500 Building protective waterproofing agent


    1. IOTA BP 9500 is a solvent-free silane/silicon mixture for waterproofing exterior walls.

    2. IOTA BP 9500 usable organic solvent dilution.

    3. IOTA BP 9500 is a general-purpose high-quality waterproofing agents, particularly for substrates with high alkaline.

    It can also be used as a primer impregnating agents.


    IOTA BP 9500 can provide effective long-term water resistance for walls, while maintaining the "respirable" (water vapor exchange) for the walls.

    IOTA BP 9500 is designed to be applied to a variety of mineral waterproofing substrates, in particular substrates over based:

    1. Widely used in porous materials (different types of concrete, natural or artificial stone ...)

    2. Rapid drying on neutral or alkaline substrates, a few hours after application it can be observed significant lotus effect.

    3. Alkali good

    4. The capillary effect has excellent water permeability

    5. Good permeability

    6. Good air permeability

    7. Not form a film, only slight changes in the natural properties of the substrate itself

    8. Due to the stable structure of silicone, it has excellent aging resistance (frozen, snow, ultraviolet, etc.)

    9. Can be used as an outdoor paint primer materials.


    1. Appearance: translucent liquid

    2. Solid content: 99.9%

    3. Flash point (closed cup), ° C, about 30

    4. The specific gravity, 25 ° C, about 1.05

    5. The viscosity of 25 ° C, m.Pas, about 200

    6. Thinner: aliphatic hydrocarbons (such as mineral oil), odorless isoparaffin or aromatic hydrocarbons


    Formulations for direct use: the product need to be diluted before use, usually the dilution ratio is 1:10 to 1:17, depending on the absorption capacity of the substrate and the substrate.

    The substrate surface preparation: Only vertical surface or surface with a certain slope to take this approach.

    The substrate surface must be:

    - Drying: Wait at least 24 hours after the rain, or clean water, wait three days (sunny).

    - Processing: Cleaning non-adhesive surface (such as brittle, powdery surface), filling cracks greater than 0.3 mm, and cleaning contaminated surfaces.

    Avoid the use of acidic or alkaline chemical cleaning agents.

    Application method:

    1. In rough surfaces can be used flat brush, or in a smaller surface with a roller brush.

    2. Using a natural way of dumping, or airless spray gun (appropriate size of the nozzle)

    3. Note: Regardless of the way, we must ensure that the surface is completely saturated, avoid remaining until the bright surface disappear In most cases, the best way to use the second brush to get the best performance

    1L diluted IOTA BP 9500 can probably handle the surface 3 m², but the exact amount also depends on the type of substrate and the absorption rate (depending on the substrate, the coating amount of from 0.2 to 2 L per m² range).

    1. Cement, concrete: 0.3 to 0.5 L / m²

    2. Gravel: 0.4 to 0.6 L / m²

    3. Limestone: 0.4 to 2 L / m²

    4. Mineral Gypsum: 0.6 to 0.8 L / m²

    5. Brick: 0.6 to 1.2 L / m²

    6. Reasonable apply IOTA BP 9500, enables the base to get the best waterproof performance.

    7. In order to obtain optimum coating amount and application mode, it is strongly recommended that a small area first to do some testing.


    IOTA BP9500 Packaging 200 kg drum.

    Storage and Shelf Life:

    Placed unopened original saved in -20 ° C to + 30 ° C environment, IOTA BP9500 can have a year shelf life. Past the shelf life, IOTA Silicone Oil will not guarantee that the product performance.

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