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  • Methyl MQ silicone resin IOTA7080 (powder)

    Methyl MQ silicone resin IOTA7080 (powder)

    MQ silicone resin
     is a kind of very unique siloxane, it is composed of four functional siloxane polycondensation chain (Q) and single functional siloxane chain (M). The molar mass is 1000-8000, and the structure of M chain and Q chain in the molecular structure of determine the nature and application of silicone resin.


    Technical indicators:

    Item: IOTA-7080

    Appearance: white powder

    The ratio of M:Q: 0.65-0.85 (depend onapplication requirement)

    Molecular weight: 2000-8000


    1. Surface treatment agent: as for silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, plastic mobile phone keys, epoxy adhesive surface bonding, etc.

    2. Reinforcing filler: can be used in the manufacture of RTV glue, HTV glue, heat molding liquid silicone rubber, vulcanized rubber, semiconductor element, shell potting sealant LED.

    3. Tackifier: for sealant, silicone resin coating.

    4. Other additives such as: preparation of stripping agent, defoaming agent, anti sticking agent and brightening agent, and forming release agent stripping force regulator.

    5. Pressure-sensitive adhesive, mica tape adhesive, silicon resin synthetic mica plate.



    Storage in a cool, dry, avoid light, ventilation location, room temperature, packed in a sealed container,

    Non dangerous goods transportation

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