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  • Platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane (the platinum catalyst) IOTA-8100

    English name: Platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyl disiloxane

    English Alias:



    platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane complex;

    Platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane complex solution;

    Molecular structure

    Molecular Formula:C8H18OPtSi2

    Molecular weight:381.48

    CAS NO.: 68478-92-2

    EINECS: 270-844-4

    InChI: 1S/C8H18OSi2.Pt/c1-7-10(3,4)9-11(5,6)8-2;/h7-8H,1-2H2,3-6H3;

    Appearance:Light yellow liquid

    Active content%:≥20%

    Room temperature activity(25℃ thickening),min:≤10

    High temperature activity(120℃*25min),min: Entirely cured

    Melting point:12-13℃

    Boiling point:138℃

    Flash point:30℃

    Specific gravity:0.984g/mLat25°C

    Product specification:

    We can customize any platinum content product according to your requirement. The regular content are as below:500ppm、1000ppm、2000ppm、3000ppm、4000ppm、5000ppm、6000ppm、8000ppm、10000ppm、20000-200000ppm。

    High catalytic efficiency, can quickly catalyze vinyl siloxane(Usually refers to vinyl silicone oil and vinyl rubber) and hydrogen siloxane(Usually refers to hydrogen silicone oil) in additive cross-linking reaction.


    1, As vulcanizer and the catalyst for mixing molding rubber and silicone tube extruding rubber and the pacifier glue.

    2, Addition type pouring sealant、silicone sheet、Mould glue、RTV-M、Silica gel ink、silicone resin、silica gel.

    3, As catalyst in synthesis of modified polyether silicone oil and amino silicone oil

    4, As auxiliaries in all kinds of polyurethane coating and silicone coating and defoamers.


    Sealed in 20-30℃ dark place for 12 months,catalytic activity and appearance maintain the same.

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