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  • Dicyclopentyldimethoxysilane (D-Donor)

    Dicyclopentyldimethoxysilane (D-Donor)
    Trade name: D-Donor, Donor-D

    Chemical name :Dicyclopentyldimethoxysilane (D-Donor), Dicyclopentyl Dimethoxy Silane (DCPMS)

    CAS No.: 126990-35-0

    Molecular formula: C12H24O2Si

    Molecular weight: 228.4

    Structural formula: (C5H9)2Si(OCH3)2 or

    Product properties:

    Boiling point: 251°C(760mmHg); 103 °C(5mmHg)

    Density: 0.984(25°C)

    Refractive index (25°C): 1.4640-1.4650

    Flash point: 102°C(close)

    Freeze point: ≤0°C

    Physical index:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Purity, %:≥99.0

    Methanol Assay, %:≤0.05

    Moisture, %:≤0.01

    Chlorine (as HCl), %:≤0.003

    Product usage:

    Catalyst of polymerization of propylene, Electron donor

     Packing & Storage:

    200L lined metal pail, Net wt. 200kg/drum ( or following your demand). Kept in dry, cool, ventilating, anti-flame and anti-explosive place, avoid direct sunlight. Storage period is 1 year. Hazardous chemicals.

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