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  • Precipitated Silica IOTA9002

    Precipitated Silica IOTA9002


    Use high quality silicon dioxide as raw material for ultrafine processing to make micron size particles,Close to the fumed silica in chemical property, With advanced equipment and technology, the product have extremely narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle size, so the product has the rare excellent reinforcement and dispersion. Used in high temperature rubber and silicone resistant rubber to improve the tearing strength, therefore, it can Partly instead of fumed silica and lower the cost. It’s an ideal choice.



    SiO2 content(Dry weight):≥98%

    PH value:5.0-10.0

    Mesh Number:200,400,600,800,1200,2000,3000,4000

    BET specific surface aream2/g:140~260

    Weight loss after dry out:≤6%

    DBP absorption value m3/g:3.0~4.0

    loss on ignition:≤7%

    heating loss:about 5%



    Precipitated silica mainly used in silicone rubber, silicone rubber intermediate, mold gel, glass glue, aslo suitable for paint, ink, tyre, sole, coating, cosmetic, pesticide, textile and toothpaste and etc.



    10kg/bag,Use polypropylene plastic coated woven bag with polymerization of ethylene inner bag packaging, can also according to customer requirements


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