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  • Silicones for Technical Fabrics and Leathers IOTA 7001

    Silicones for Technical Fabrics and Leathers IOTA 7001

    Description :

    IOTA 7001 is a alkyl polysiloxane solution in solvent phase specifically developed for spray or impregnation waterproofing of fabrics and leathers exposed to difficult weather conditions.

    Examples of applications :

    Outdoor fabrics - natural and synthetic leathers.

    Aerosols for reproofing of fabrics and leathers (natural and synthetic).


    1. Gives outstanding waterproofing to natural fabrics (cotton, blended cottons, linen, etc.) synthetic fabrics (polyamide, polyester, etc.) and natural and synthetic leathers.

    2. Outstanding abrasion resistance in humid environments and resistance to detergent washing, long lasting waterproofing properties.

    3. IOTA 7001 is low viscosity and perfectly adapted to impregnation and aerosol application (uniform diffusion).

    4. Free of fluorinated resins.


    1. Appearance : Translucent liquid

    2. Colour : Colourless to yellow

    3. Viscosity at 25° C, mm²/s, approx. : 3,5

    4. Solids, % approx.: 4,5

    5. Solvent: aliphatic hydrocarbon

    6. Flash point, closed cup, ° C, approx : .24 Usage properties of the treated fabric:

    (90 g/m2 Polyamide 6.6 fabric - μfibre 78 dtex / 64 threads treated by padding with IOTA 7001)

    7. Fabric feel : Slightly softened

    8. Initial Spray Test (Standard AATC 22-1996) : 5

    9. Spray Test after 5 washes : >3

    With standardised reference ECE Standard nonphosphate detergent, Detergent

    Reference – A, described in standards ISO 6330 or BS 1990 UK-T0


    To guarantee a uniform deposit, it is recommended to shake IOTA 7001 before using.

    When using aerosols: it is recommended to use butane gas type propellant.

    In the case of fabric impregnation it is recommended to heat it for 3 minutes at a

    temperature of 150°C

    Packaging :

    IOTA 7001 is delivered in 220L drums i.e. around 160 kg.

    Storage and shelf-life :

    For its shelf life, please refer to the use-by date given on the packaging.

    To keep all the properties of IOTA TCS 7001 it is essential to comply with the following conditions:

    It is essential to keep the original packaging closed and at a temperature of

    between -20°C and 30°C.

    Finish the product once the packaging has been opened.

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