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  • Poly methyl triethoxysilane IOTA-23
    Poly methyl triethoxysilane IOTA-23

    Chemical Name: Poly methyltriethoxysilane


    Technical Specifications:

    Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    Viscosity: (25 ), mm² / s 1 ~ 5

    Density: (25 ), g / cm3 0.920-1.050

    acid value: (%) ≤0.3


    1.poly methyl triethoxysilane,is one of the silicone waterproofing agent series products, is a solvent-based, water repellent neutral. Easy hydrolysis, especially to form a silicone film under acidic or alkaline effect, prevent water infiltration, breathable, weather resistant, good thermal insulation effect, to prevent the building, wood cracking and other characteristics.

    2.This product is particularly suitable for waterproofing insulation materials, high-grade construction, waterproof and permanent architectural heritage, dirt and weathering protection.

    3. FDA instead of TEOS resulting rubber, tensile strength, elongation than positive silicic acid cross-linked silicone rubber good performance, the product with methyl RTV silicone rubber as a pressure sensitive adhesive release agent good effect, and further hydrolysis and made good defoamer and stripping machine.

    iron drums or plastic drums airtight packaging. Weight: 25kg, 200kg.

    Do not touch the fire, stored in a cool, dry place, shelf life of six months.

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