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  • Methylpropyltriacetoxysilane IOTA-17

    Methylpropyltriacetoxysilane IOTA-17

    Chemical name: Methyl propyl triacetoxy silane

    CAS NO: N.A.

    Structural formula:

    CH3Si(OOCCH3)3    (M=220.3)

    C3H7Si(OOCCH3)3   (M=248.3)

    Physical and chemical properties

    This product is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, has a strong smell of acetic acid. Soluble in acetic acid, water will be cross-linked, and produce acetic acid. Boiling range: 135 ~ 140 /17mmHg

    Quality standard:

    Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

    Specific gravity (25): 1.17 ~ 1.18g/ml

    Effective content: 90%


    Mainly used as crosslinking agent of vulcanizing silicone rubber and acid silicone glass adhesive, low freezing point, improve working and storage stability of glass and plastic products, the glass glue formulated of this product have good tensile strength and elongation rate after curing. It can properly improve the anti-aging performance and product flexibility of glass glue products.

    stored in a sealed container, in a cool, dry, dark place.

    plastic drum or iron - plastic drum, net weight 25kg, 200kg, 230kg.

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