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  • Methyl silicone oil emulsion

    Methyl silicone oil emulsion

    Product introduction:

    Silicone oil emulsion is composed of methyl silicone oil by activated surface quality anionic or nonionic agent emulsion and the emulsion, it has good chemical stability, the users can add this product directly in cosmetic formulations, solves the problem not easily emulsified silicone oil, very convenient to use.

    Technical indicators:

    Appearance:  milky white liquid to semi fluid

    Ion: anionic or nonionic

    Solid content: 12 ± 1% or 30±3%

    PH value: 6~8


    1. Widely used in skin care cream, hand cream, skin cleanser, sunscreen, shaving cream, detergent, in addition to odor agent anhydrous, bath, toilet soap, hair conditioner and a variety of other cosmetics.

    2. Another application please refer to the IOTA-201.

    3. Other applications

    Usage and dosage:

    1. Methyl silicone oil does not dissolve in water, when used in general first with anionic or nonionic surface active agent which emulsified emulsion. Emulsified silicone oil is emulsified silicone oil emulsion is ready, can be used directly.

    2 silicone oil emulsion(solid content 30%) added to the cosmetic formulations mixed evenly, the other process unchanged. Because of various cosmetics, formulation, system requirements are different, so the amount is not the same, the recommended dose is about 5%.

     storage and transportation:

    1. Silicone oil and emulsion are non-toxic non dangerous goods, with a clean polyethylene plastic barrels packaging, storage at room temperature.

    2. Emulsion is valid for one year, extended by re-inspection without floating oil, no stratification can be used.

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