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  • To understand the dangers of the bubble, it is understood that in 2023 the global consumer market value will exceed $4000000000

    In the production process will be due to various reasons for the bubble, the bubble of the great harm, if not promptly eliminated, or in advance to prevent, will cause some damage, such as:
    1, production capacity is greatly limited: such as a variety of biological fermentation for the production of beer production, alcohol pharmaceutical manufacturing, the antibiotic in various fermentation reaction kettle cooking pot equipment, in order to prevent the emergence of the bubble to prevent overflow loss, feeding coefficient to sell at a discount greatly.
    2, resulting in a waste of raw materials and products, due to the bubble can result in useful or valuable raw material from overflowing and loss, the resulting waste is self-evident. Such as the manufacture of paper mill, sugar mill, textile factory, often because the bubble caused by overflow.
    3, extended the reaction cycle: because the chemical reaction products include gas, liquid, foam will cause gas retention, do not have the power.
    4, the impact of product quality: the textile industry in the dyeing, printing and water-based paint process, due to the retention of bubbles, resulting in scar on the finished fabric, pulp slurry foam in addition to the environmental health, workers health hazards, finished paper will appear many holes, causing serious decline in product quality.
    5, is not conducive to accurate measurement: industrial engineering due to the presence of foam, interference with accurate measurement of liquid level, causing the measurement error, the liquid in the presence of bubbles, so that the operation of the loss of balance, and even accident.
    6, pollution of the environment, one of the reasons for the accident: due to bubble overflow, will inevitably lead to the production of environmental pollution. Such as: an American refinery residue foam flooding, causing a major fire, suffered heavy losses, here is not only wasteful, there are high temperature spray dyeing dye, overflow dyeing and other new technology application, if not solve the foaming problem, is unable to realize. And if it is now very popular washing machine, if not to solve the washing powder, detergent, no bubble, low bubble problem, so the washing machine can not be so popular application. These are not all of the bubble harm, but enough to see the seriousness of it.
    Silicone oil as a solvent: because two methyl silicone oil surface tension is small, and does not dissolve in water, animal and vegetable oil and high boiling point of mineral oil, chemical stability, and non-toxic, with as a foam agent has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries, as long as 10 x 10-6 ~ 100 10-6 of silicone oil has a good role in the.
    (source: Colin silicon)
    According to the United States advisory body transparency Market Research (TMR) latest report shows that in 2014 the global consumer market value of $2700000000, to 2023 will increase to $4100000000, from 2015 to 2023, the period of years of compound growth rate will be 4.5%. In the Asia Pacific region, the demand for paint, paper and water treatment industry has promoted the development of the global market.
    In the field of application, the pulp and paper industry is in the past few years the largest market demand, mainly using water-based defoaming agent, oily defoaming agent and silicone defoaming agent and alkyl acrylate etc.. Water treatment is the 2014 market share of second of the consumer market.
    Silicone is the largest product of the breakdown products, in 2014 to occupy the global consumer market share of more than 40% of the market share; oil based consumer bubble followed, including mineral oil, vegetable oil, etc.. The main products of the water base is one of the main products.
    In the past few years, the Asia Pacific region has occupied the dominant position of the consumer. 2014 accounted for 30% of global demand, the next few years, in the pulp and paper, paint and coatings, water treatment and other areas of the demand for the bubble will also rise. North America and Europe will be subject to strict government regulations.

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