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  • Conductive silica gel and its future development trend

    The conductive silicone rubber is a silicone rubber as the base rubber, adding conductive fillers, crosslinking agent, etc.. The commonly used plastic materials for methyl vinyl silicone rubber, conductive filler of commonly used are acetylene carbon black, carbon fiber, conductive carbon, graphite, copper, silver, aluminum and zinc.
    According to the variety and processing method of the base glue, it can be made into high temperature vulcanized conductive silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanized conductive silicone rubber, as well as the pressure sensitive conductive silicone rubber, anisotropic conductive silicone rubber and low temperature conductive silicone rubber, etc..
    Compared with common conductive silicone rubber, the advantages of conductive silicone rubber is small volume resistivity, low hardness, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to aging, processing performance, and is especially suitable for in manufacturing conductive performance and complex shape and fine structure of conductive silicone rubber products. .
    In recent years, the rapid development of electronic technology and instrument industry, and promote the improvement and development of conductive silicone rubber, there are many new processes and varieties. For example, in the curing process, the emergence of conductive silicone rubber in the atmospheric pressure hot air curing, instead of the traditional high temperature curing, in the product performance, the emergence of high resistance to tear off the conductive silicone rubber and in silicone rubber to add a certain metal powder, is under pressure parts of the guide, is still under the pressure of rubber and other rubber
    Because of the advantages of small volume, stable and reliable performance, good stability and reliability, it can be used for the connection between printed circuit, radio integrated circuit, display and so on. It can save a lot of welding work, simplify the assembly, reduce the volume, reduce the cost and improve the reliability.
    The new development of conductive silicone rubber technology, is bound to bring a far-reaching impact on future market development pattern. From the global conductive silicone rubber market, the future of its development trends are mainly the following aspects:
    (1) to maintain and improve the processing performance, mechanical properties and other properties of conductive silicone rubber in the premise of improving the electrical conductivity;
    (2) increase the conductivity, and reduce the amount of filler.
    (3) development of new varieties of conductive materials, broaden the application areas.
    Technology of polymer materials to replace metal materials is the future development trend of the field of materials science. The market demand of conductive silicone rubber is increasing, and the application field is gradually expanded.

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