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  • The seventh China International fluorine silicon material development and promote the downstream docking

    To showcase the latest products and results, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, the seventh China International fluorine silicon materials industry and Application Exhibition recently held in Shanghai New International Expo center. The current exhibition with a total exhibition area of 5500 square meters, has attracted Juhua Group, Dongyue Group, Xinan Chemical, fluoride, the Asahi chemical trade (China) Co., Ltd., France Deco companies exhibitors from nearly 100 enterprises in the domestic and foreign industry giants enterprises, authority, industry chain downstream, from power, building energy conservation, refrigeration industry, wind energy, aerospace, household appliances, textiles and so on various objectives in the field of professional audience of tens of thousands of visitors, effectively promote the industrial integration and docking and cooperation.
    This year coincides with the national "45" overall planning preparation and publication year, China is in the transformation of the economy, industry and product structure adjustment and the best period, China International fluorine silicon material industry and Application Exhibition with industry status and influence of the organizers, domestic and foreign government, industry organizations, scientific research institutions, and other professional audience resources sharing, reached for the industry to better service, striving to create unlimited business opportunities for the purpose.
    It is understood that China's international fluorine silicon material industry and Application Exhibition held every two years, since 2004 has been successfully held six sessions, has gradually become a brand exhibition of the fluorine silicon association. The exhibitors products include silicone, fluorine chemical, processing and application of series products and equipment, supporting raw materials, etc., for the industry market development, optimize the structure, comprehensive coverage of the upstream and downstream applications to build a more influential authority.

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