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  • In 2015 the national silicone oil / silica / functional silane assembly is about to open

    Silane / silica / silicone oil industry conference notice
    Silicone ring for so many years, you must have accumulated a lot of experience, but also encountered a lot of confusion. If there is such a let the silicone field of experts and business users gathered in an activity, it should be good. If you can exchange for many years of experience and experience in the field of experience that would be better!
    Now, the opportunity came!
    Sponsored by the green silicon industry development alliance 2015 national white carbon black industry technical seminar, 2015 national functional silane technology seminar, 2015 national silicone oil and secondary processing technology seminar will focus on silicone industry in the three most important branch of production and application of technology, and developed the useful and practical topic.

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